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A community for you who want to post and share asexual fanfiction
This is a community for you who want to post and share asexual fanfiction. I, (IanStrawberry) noticed that the group that exsisted for this was active sometime in 2012, and I thought that I might as well make a new one.

Rules and guidelines:

1. THIS IS A SAFE SPACE. If this doesn't say it all, then maybe the following rules will make you understand what a safe space is:

2. TRIGGER WARNINGS. If in doubt, warn - some of the more common triggers that I expect to ALWAYS be warned for include graphic mentions of violence, self-harm, eating disorders, and child abuse, as well as (although I don't expect these to come up frequently, given the nature of this community) non-con, dub-con, underage, sexual abuse, and incest. If there is sexual content in a fanfiction, please put down in the warnings as well.

3. Racism, sexism, cissexism/transphobia, heterosexism/homophobia, fatphobia/body-shaming, slut-shaming, and other forms of bigotry will not be tolerated anywhere in this community.

4. Asexuality is OK. So are other sexual orientations, and all gender identities, while we're at it, and YKINMK. Absolutely no attacking any of these things shoulde be done here. It will not be tolerated, and implying that asexuality is wrong/not real/etc will especially not be tolerated. That's the opposite of what we're here for.

5. SPOILERS! For now we'll stay on the safe side and say that you should warn for one year past the date of original airing/publication/release.

Posting guidelines:

I. This community is about asexuality - so a character's asexuality should be an integral part of any fic recced here. In other words, if you've found a romance fic for your OTP that has no sexual content, but no mention of asexuality either, that's lovely, but those types of fics are typically not difficult to find and therefore not what this community is designed for. If you find a romance fic for your OTP that has no sexual content because Alice and Bob have had a discussion about how Alice is asexual, then share it!

II. Headers should contain the fic name, author, fandom, characters, rating, warnings, plus a summary and notes about why it's asexual-centric, or if it's on a non-asexual-themed kinkmeme.

III. Other links or fanworks related to asexuality may be posted at the moderators' discretion. Single posts containing lists of links to tangentially related fanworks containing no sexual content may occasionally be posted at the moderators' discretion.

These rules and guidlines has been taken and modified from ace_fic. All credit to their owner aim2misbhave.
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